Title: Bound, Pt One: The Binding
By TrinityLast
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Slayers either die or are bound to Master Vampires that "turn" to good. It usually happens during a fight....the fighting stops, and something else takes over. They make love, and they are bound. The Slayer becomes immortal, and the Vampire spends eternity by her side protecting her. Usually, it bounces off onto the Watcher as well, but if it doesn't, there are spells that can correct that. Only five percent of all Slayers are bound. Most die...so while it's always a hope, it rarely happens. No Slayer has made it past her third year un-bound. Ever.

Buffy had been slaying for five years without being bound, and was the longest living un-bound Slayer in history, and the first to attend college. It had been speculated that perhaps she was the strongest Slayer to ever live, and the fact that she was un-bound was considered a great loss...for indeed, she would not be bound now. No Slayer had ever been bound after their first year. She was either bound immediately, her Chosen Vampire being drawn to her soon after she was called, or she never was.


Chapter One

Buffy was fighting a gang of Vampires in an alley behind the Bronze. She was trying to get through it quickly, because Riley was inside, and she wanted to get back. She shoved her stake through the last one, sighed with relief and turned to go back inside, only to feel a Master vampire nearby. She groaned and pulled her stake back out a second before she was thrown against the wall.

"So you're the Slayer I keep hearing about. I have to admit, that was impressive...but it really wasn't impressive enough."

Buffy stood and faced the dark vampire and mentally purred. //Oh, god. If he wasn't a vamp, Riley would be in so much trouble.// She smiled. "Impressive enough for what? And who the hell are you?"

"I'm sorry. Where are my manners? My name is Angelus. You are Buffy, yes?" At her nod he continued. "And it wasn't impressive enough to stop me from killing you."

He took a swing and she ducked.

As they exchanged blows, Buffy's mind frantically tried to remember where she'd heard the name Angelus before. As she threw him into a wall, it clicked. Angelus. Scourge of Europe.

Wow. She was flattered. He'd come all this way for her?

Angelus got back up and somehow overpowered her. He grabbed her arm, spinning her so she faced away from him, holding her to his chest...but instead of sinking his fangs into her neck, he found himself inhaling her scent.

And getting hard.

Buffy froze. //Why isn't he killing me?//

Angelus nuzzled her neck and thought for a minute. Did he want to kill her?

No. He really didn't. What he wanted to do was shove her against the wall and fuck her until she screamed his name.

And being a vampire, hence no morals, he decided to do just that.

Buffy found her face being pressed against the cold brick outside the Bronze with a Master vampire running his hands under the front of her shirt, pinching and pulling on her nipples.

She wanted to run, to scream, to shove him away....but her body just wanted *him*. She was getting wet. The more he touched her, the wetter she got, until she was moaning...and he hadn't moved from her breasts. His cock was pushing into her ass through his pants and her skirt, and suddenly all she wanted was him inside her. And she couldn't seem to find that part of her brain that knew it was wrong.

So she stopped looking for it

Angelus growled when he smelled her arousal, and squeezed one breast hard. She gasped. He kept squeezing with his left hand as his right moved down and started hitching up her skirt. He slid his fingers along the edge of her panties, and she moaned, pressing her forehead into the wall.


If possible, Angelus got harder. Buffy begging was the sweetest sound he'd ever heard, and he decided that he wanted more of it, so he continued to tease, brushing the edge of her mound over her panties before tracing the edge again, but never going any deeper.

Buffy felt like she was melting. Her legs were pressed together so hard, she was afraid she'd crack a thigh bone, and it was doing nothing to ease the ache. She knew that if she loosened them, the moisture between her thighs would drip down her legs. She tried to push into Angelus' hand, but whenever she did, he pulled his hand back, so she stopped trying. His other hand slid across her and started working on her other breast and she suddenly felt his cool breath on her neck, by her ear. She shuddered.

"Beg me."

The whispered words went right to her core. She couldn't defy him if she'd wanted to, which, right then, she *really* didn't.

"Please. Oh, god, please."

"Please what?" He increased the pressure on her breast, rolling her nipple between her fingers, but eased off with his other hand, trailing his fingers along her thigh. Buffy moaned.

"Oh, *god*! Please...please touch me." Her nose was against the wall and her eyes screwed shut, her hands bracing herself out to the sides. Angelus placed a soft kiss on her neck just above her pulsing vein and smiled into her skin.

"Good girl." He slowly slipped his hand under her panties. She gasped at the shock of his touch on her skin, and he growled into her neck. Slowly, he snaked one finger through her curls and down. Then he slipped it inside her. She cried out.

"Oh, god!"

Angelus held still for a minute, taking a moment to process the fact that she'd never been entered. She was a virgin. A virgin Slayer, writhing under him.

An alarm went off somewhere in the back of his head telling him that this was important, but nothing in the alarm made him feel like this was a bad idea, so he ignored it for the time being.

When Buffy had calmed, he slowly started to move the finger, slowly sliding it out before pushing back in. She moaned and pressed against his hand.

"Yes...yes, please."

Angelus smiled again and kissed her cheek. "Getting the hang of that, are you? Let's see what else I can make you say..." He slipped a second finger inside her. She pushed back against him, but bit her lip, trying to keep from speaking. Angelus frowned.

//I think we can fix that.//

He slid his thumb onto her clit and started to lightly circle it.


He smiled and bit her earlobe. "That's my girl. Come on baby, talk to me. I won't know what you need if you don't tell me." He pressed harder on her clit at the same time as he roughly shoved the two fingers back into her hot channel.

Buffy bucked and dropped her head back onto his chest, turning her head so she was breathing into his neck. He kept rubbing.

"Tell me what you need."

"Right there....please, harderpleaserighttherehardermorepleasemorehardertheretherethere. Yes! God, yes, please..."

Angelus kissed her neck and started sucking on her throbbing pulse as he dropped his other hand from her breast and sent it to rub her clit. He pinched the nub between his thumb and index finger, rolling it while he pumped three fingers into her.

Buffy bucked again and pressed her face into his shoulder. Angelus moved his head back up and started to whisper in her ear.

"Come on, baby. Come for me. You're so close...come on....let go...come on baby...just give in..."

The words were too much. She screamed and shook as her orgasm washed over her, causing her body to writhe in his hands.

Then, just as she was calming, he pinched her clit hard and bit into her neck, letting her powerful blood flow over his tongue. Buffy gasped as another orgasm ripped through her under the pressure of his hands and teeth.

Angelus was careful to only take a few mouthfuls. When she started to come down off her orgasm, he gently withdrew his fangs and licked the twin wounds. They stood there for another minute, he laving her neck and she leaning against him. Then, slowly, he slid his hands out of her panties. Buffy whimpered at the loss, but the sound quickly turned into a moan when he slid the silk down her thighs. The garment pooled at her feet, and she kicked it away, leaning forward against the wall.

Behind her, Angelus had already opened his pants. He let them sit low on his hips as he took his raging hard on in one hand and slid the other hand around her waist. He shoved her skirt up and pulled her back a bit before sliding his hand back around and pushing on the small of her back, effectively bending her enough so his cock was rubbing against her center. She groaned and pushed back, seeking more pressure, and he chuckled.

Wrapping an arm around her waist again, Angelus pulled her back against him, bending slightly so he was blanketing her back. Buffy put her hands back on the wall to steady herself and arched into him. He whispered into her ear.

"Talk to me, baby. Tell me what you want."

Buffy moaned and pushed against him, but he pulled back.

"What do you want?"

"Fuck me. God, fuck me."

Angelus smiled, straightened up a bit, and with one smooth thrust buried himself to the root.

She screamed, and he growled. The scent of her virginal blood filled his nostrils, and he had to hold still to keep from coming. He waited a minute longer after he'd gotten control of himself to allow his beautiful Slayer to get used to his size. After about a minute she whined and moved her hips, looking back over her shoulder at him. He growled again and grabbed her hair, turning her face back towards the wall. He then moved his hand to her shoulder, the other to her waist, slowly pulled out, and slammed back into her.

She screamed again and then moaned, moving against him, silently begging for more. He moved his hand from her shoulder and wrapped that arm around her waist, leaning back over to whisper in her ear again.

"Want something, lover? You're going to have to ask for it."

Buffy gasped for air and he squeezed her hip.

"I...I want...."

"That's it, baby. Beg. Come on...you want?"

"Harder. Please. Fuck me harder."

He kissed his bite mark on her, now almost scarred over thanks to her Slayer healing and started a shallow thrust, slowly building up a rhythm.

"That what you want?"

Buffy moaned. "Please...."

He nibbled on her earlobe "Please what?"

"Harder." She twisted her hips, trying to get him deeper, and Angelus decided he'd made her beg enough. Besides, he was very close to losing it himself.

He started a pounding rhythm, pulling halfway out, then slamming in again, over and over. Buffy started making a low keening noise, and Angelus felt a pressure building in his balls. Quickly, he slipped his hand around, found her clit and started rolling it between his fingers. He put his mouth against her ear again.

Whispering, he urged her over the edge. "Come on, baby. Come for me. One more time." Then he sank his fangs back into her neck.

Buffy moaned low in her throat as she came violently with his bite, wave after wave of pleasure slamming her body against his as his cold seed spilling insider her, cooling her, soothing her.

When they'd both come down, Angelus pulled her up against his chest, still inside her, and idly kissed her neck.

The same thought went through both their minds.

//Bound. *Mine*.//


Chapter Two

Riley looked up from his drink and stared at the door. He'd been sure, about ten minutes ago, that he'd heard Buffy scream, twice. But the others had told him it was just his imagination. Buffy didn't scream.

Ok, granted, he really didn't know what being the Slayer really meant, other than being very, very strong, but he didn't think she should have been out there this long. She'd been gone for....Riley looked down at his watch. Jeez! Almost an hour now! He reached across the table and tweaked Willow's shoulder, who was talking to Xander.

"Shouldn't she be back by now?"

Willow frowned at him for interrupting her, then looked at her watch. Her eyes got big. "Uhh...yeah, she should."

Xander patted the redhead's arm. "Please. It's Buffy. She staked the vamp, got all wired up, and went on patrol."

Willow shook her head. "No, she'd have told us. She should be back...and besides, she left her coat." She pointed at Buffy's seat where the Slayers coat and purse were piled.

Riley stood up. "I'm going after her."

Willow and Xander exchanged a look and followed him.


Meanwhile, Buffy had just finished straightening her clothes and was leaning against the wall, looking at Angelus who was staring right back.

"It doesn't make any sense."

Angelus frowned. "Sure it does. It's happened before right?"

Buffy shook her head. "If I was going to be bound, it should have happened the first year I was called. In LA. While I was at Hemry. You should have been drawn to me that year." She tilted her head and gave him a curious look. "Why *did* you come now?"

Angelus smirked. "You're supposed to be the strongest Slayer to ever live. I wanted to meet you." He stepped in, pressing against her, and rested his hands on either side of her head while he nuzzled her neck. "I wanted to taste you." Kissing his scar, now healed, on her neck he smiled again. "And I did. Just not how I'd planned."

Buffy closed her eyes, trying to keep her body under control so she could think, but his cool breath on her neck was making it difficult. "So, you weren't drawn to me?" Her voice was shaky. Angelus took pity on her and stepped back so she could function.

"I wouldn't say that." He took her hand and kissed it. "Don't you have a Watcher? Aren't they supposed to figure these things out?"

Buffy smiled. "That's Giles. Info guy."

Angelus frowned. "Giles? Rupert Giles? Ripper is your Watcher?"

"Yeah, why?" She now had his hand in both of hers and was playing with his fingers, fiddling with the little silver ring.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering how he managed to get a Slayer." He gave a small half smile that melted her knees. "I saw him in action when he was younger. Quite the sorcerer back then."

Buffy looked back down at their hands so she could talk normally. She didn't understand it. She'd *never* been this affected by a guy before, no matter how gorgeous he was. But one smile from Angelus, and she was dripping all over again.

"Yeah, well, he's still got a few tricks up his sleeve."

"I don't doubt that."


Her head shot up and she quickly released Angelus' hand. The vampire noticed the guilty look she gave and turned to face the intruder.

//A clean-cut farm boy, I'll bet.// He glanced at Buffy who's arousal had disappeared the minute the boy had spoken. //Obviously not her type. Why is she dating him?//

The child's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"We were worried about you! You've been gone for almost an hour." Riley moved around the dark man standing in front of his girl and slipped an arm around her. He gave her a puzzled look when she stepped away.

Buffy glanced at Angelus and then turned back to Riley, purposely turning away from the Vampire. He was too much of a distraction.

"We were talking." She gave a significant look to her two friends behind the commando. "We were *bound* to lose track of time."

Xander just looked at her blankly, but it only took a second for the meaning to sink in for Willow. The hacker's eyes got wide and she shot a look at the dark Vampire who was glaring at Riley.

"But...but, it's too late!" Willow remembered Riley and hurried to cover. "...for talking. In an alley. It's too late. Something could happen. So, it must have been important. We should go see Giles. He'll want to know...what you were talking about?"

Riley looked at the redhead strangely. "You don't know what they were talking about. How could you know that we need to see Giles?"

Willow shot a desperate look at the still clueless Xander. He didn't know what was going on, but he got that it was important, so he backed Willow up. "She just knows. Because, hey, we've been doing this a while."

"Yes." Buffy nodded and glanced at Angelus who was still glaring at Riley. //Please don't hit him. Please don't hit him. You don't know what he's a part of.// "We need to see Giles." She stepped forward and put a hand on Riley's arm. "*We* do. Not you. You should go home. There isn't anything you can do to help."

Riley narrowed his eyes. "Buffy, if it's something bad, you'll need help. I can call the Initiative, have them send some people..."

"NO!" Buffy winced, realizing she'd shouted, and brought her voice back down. "No. Riley, I can handle this. I'm the Slayer. Just...go home, ok? I'll call you in the morning."

Riley frowned, but nodded. Giving them all a last look, he headed for the parking lot.

But when he got in his car, instead of heading for the dorms, he drove to Giles' and waited for the others.

Something was up. He could feel it, and he wasn't going anywhere until he knew what it was.


The gang and Angelus watched Riley leave and waited until he was out of earshot before speaking. Xander, surprise, surprise, was first.

"Ok, someone tell me why we just ditched Captain Farmboy."

Angelus snickered. //Cute. I like him.//

Buffy looked down at her hands again and bit her lip. When it was clear she wasn't going to say anything, Willow asked a question.

"Uhhh...I know I don't have the whole story, but isn't it too late for you to be bound? I mean, wasn't it supposed to happen your first year as Slayer?"

Buffy nodded and shot a glance at Angelus who shrugged.

Xander's eyes got big. "Bound? Like...Bound! As in, I have a vampire lover who will protect me and am now among the Immortal Slayers, bound?"

Buffy nodded again.

Willow put on her resolve face. "Right. In your fifth year as Slayer. Something's up. Giles." She nodded to emphasize her point and started for the Watcher's apartment. Xander looked at Buffy for a minute and then at Angelus, the fact finally working through his head that this was the vamp in question. He shook his head and followed his friend.

Buffy stared after the Scooobies for a minute and then turned to Angelus. He flashed another of those half smiles and took her hand, leading her after her friends.


Buffy had been staring at the door for a full minute. Angelus gave her hand a squeeze. "Come on, he's a Watcher. They're trained for this. Knock already." The last came out almost as a growl. He wanted to get in off the street. Someone could see him, and this was not the best way for Darla to find out. He'd much rather she found out while he was shoving something wooden and pointy through her heart. Because Angelus wasn't kidding himself. The minute his sire found out about Buffy, she'd come after her.

His Slayer dying was not an option.

Buffy took a deep breath and knocked. There was a moment of silence and then the privacy hatch opened and Giles' tired face appeared.

"Buffy. Yes, just a minute." The hatch slid shut and the door opened to allow them in. Willow and Xander walked right in, but since Angelus couldn't without an invitation, he and Buffy stayed on the porch.

"Buffy?" Giles looked at her worriedly. Her eyes widened in understanding, and she gave Angelus' hand a squeeze before letting go and stepping into his apartment.

"No, Giles. I'm fine. See? Pulse and everything." She took his hand and held it to her pulse point. He nodded, then looked curiously at what was obviously a Vampire standing at his front door.

"Buffy, what...?" He gestured at Angelus. She bit her lip.

"Giles....has a Slayer ever been bound in her fifth year?"

The Watcher's eyes grew wide and he stared at her for a minute before turning to the Vampire. "Are you sure?"

Angelus nodded. Giles nodded back. "Come in." The dark vampire entered, and Giles shut the door behind him.


In the bushes beside the front door, Riley's eyes narrowed. The man wasn't a man, he was a Vampire, but Buffy had been holding his hand and her Watcher had invited him in.

Riley stood, walked back to his car and drove back to the Initiative. Obviously, this vampire was controlling them somehow, and it was up to him to stop it.


Chapter Three

"Well, I must say it's unusual. And completely unprecedented. I-I'll have to contact the Watcher's Council."

Willow frowned. "Will they even talk to you? I mean, weren't you fired? And Buffy quit the council when they wouldn't help us cure Xander after Faith shot him. So, she doesn't even work for them anymore...does she?"

Giles took off his glasses and started to clean them. "N-no, but this...changes things. They did not count on Buffy being bound. Indeed, none of us did. It is extraordinary. Usually, the Vampire is drawn by just a feeling, but you say you were brought here by her power?"

Angelus nodded. "I wanted be the one to kill her. I heard about the girl who was supposed to be the strongest Slayer ever, and I suddenly felt this need to find her."

Giles put his glasses back on and stood up, heading for the pile of books on his desk. "I really...this is like nothing I've ever heard of before. I should consult my books before I call the council..."

Buffy, Willow and Xander exchanged looks and Buffy stifled a giggle while Willow turned around on the couch to face Giles.

"If you want, I could help you with the research."

Giles was about to turn her down, he could handle this bit of work himself, but the hopeful look on her face stopped him. Since Oz had left, she'd been rather left out. Xander had Anya, and until tonight, Buffy'd had Riley. Now she had Angelus, and Willow was still alone. So Giles nodded.

"That would be lovely. Thank you, Willow."

The smile she gave lit the room.

"Ok. I should get home. Anya will be waiting, and will want..." Xander trailed off and blushed. "Never mind. Just...I'd better get home." He smiled and turned to Buffy. "I just want to say, though, that I'm unbelievably happy for you, and also I want to be there when you dump G.I. Shmo, so I can throw popcorn at him and laugh." Buffy glared, Angelus chuckled and Xander left. Buffy turned to Angelus after the door had closed and bit her lip.

"Giles, do you need anything else?"

He sat down in the chair opposite her with a large book in his hands and shook his head. "No, why don't you go home? Willow and I can handle things here."

Buffy nodded and stood up, suddenly unsure of what she was doing, but Angelus simply wrapped an arm around her waist and sent a half smile towards the Watcher.

"I'll just walk her home."

Giles nodded absently, already engrossed in what he was reading. Angelus smirked and led Buffy towards the door.

Once outside she looked up at him. "Where are we going?"

Angelus glanced down at her, his eyebrows furrowed. "I'm walking you home."



Buffy shook her head. "No reason." She kept her eyes straight ahead and continued to chew on her bottom lip. The urge to just lean her head back on his shoulder was overpowering, but she wasn't sure what was appropriate. However, resisting was causing her to hold herself stiffly, and Angelus noticed.

"What's wrong?"


Angelus stopped walking and grabbed her shoulder, turning her to face him. "It's not nothing. You're tense. What's wrong?"

Buffy bit her lip harder and looked up at him. "What are we?"

He frowned and stepped closer. "What?"

She stepped back and crossed her arms, pulling them from his grasp. She looked up at him and took another step back so she wouldn't have to crane her neck. "What are we? Are you...what? My protector? I really don't need one. I've been doing this for five years so far, and I'm just fine."

Angelus smirked. "Didn't I hear that you died once?"

"That's not the issue. And I was revived...I was only gone a minute."

He stepped closer, daring her to move away again. She didn't. "And how were you revived? Did your spirit come and perform CPR?"

Buffy made a face. "Stop being ridiculous. Xander found me."

"So, you needed help."

She raised her eyebrows. "Is that what you are? Help?"

He stepped in again, so close now that he had to look straight down to see her, and gathered her tense body against his. Buffy held still for a minute, then gave into that same urge and leaned her head forward on his shoulder.

"I can be help, if that's all you want. Or, I can actually protect you. There's a reason un-bound Slayers only live for three years. I can watch your back, and protect you from the people you can't touch...humans. You can't hurt them. I can. And, for the record, I was drawn by your power. I have no delusions that you're going to be a submissive little consort, bending to my will." Then he smiled and bent his head down to nibble her earlobe. His next sentence was barely a whisper. "Not most of the time, anyway."

Buffy shivered and cleared her throat. She was surprised how steady her voice was when she spoke, but she reasoned that she was getting used to the sensations.

"Glad we've got that clear, then."

"Forever. That's the whole point. It's like a marriage, without the 'till death do us part' thing." He pulled back a little, planted an openmouthed kiss on her now healed scar and nuzzled into her skin. She tasted like cherry juice...sweet and rich. "I think we'd better get you home now."

Buffy nodded, and this time when he put his arm around her and started walking, she leaned into him and relaxed.


"Ok, so how do we work this? You need help?"

Buffy looked up at Angelus with an odd expression on her face. "Please. For three vamps? I can do three in my sleep."

He smirked. "I'll have to see that sometime."

"Oh, ha ha."

The vampires in question were still a ways up, but the prenatural pair had felt them a block back. The vamps were sitting on the steps of Buffy's dorm, watching the students going in an out, waiting for someone to leave alone.

"So...?" His hand slipped onto her ass and she hid a grin. He bent over and brushed his lips against her cheek. "What do you want me to do?"

There was that damn whisper again. Buffy pressed her legs together and moaned. "You have to stop doing that in *public*."

"You sure?"

"Just for tonight."

Angelus smirked and straightened back up, sliding his hand back around her waist. They were only a few feet from her dorm now, and the vamps were still oblivious. Angelus couldn't believe they didn't feel a Master coming, let alone the Slayer, but apparently Buffy *was* used to it. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes.


He nodded and let her go. She kept walking, and Angelus was disgusted to see that she got right up in front of them before any of them even noticed.

And they *still* didn't know she was a Slayer!

"Hey, guys. Meeting someone here?"

The blond vamp smiled and stood up from the step he'd been lounging on. "Yeah, sweet thing. You."

The other two had been moving around her while the blond held her attention, and now attacked.

Or, as Angelus noted from behind her, tried to attack. And it wasn't that they couldn't fight. Stupid or not, he had to give them that. They seemed to know what they were doing.

Buffy just did it better.

In the next few minutes he watched as his wife... //Wife. I can hear Penn already. I may have to stake him too...// ...performed some of the most complex moves he'd ever seen. She took all three down without even breaking a sweat, though Angelus did note that her arousal increased. He smirked. //She gets off on it. I'll have to remember that.//

When there were three little piles of dust he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck. He noted with some pride that she'd felt him coming and didn't jump when he touched her. She knew her mate.

"I think we'd better get you inside...the scent coming off you will attract every vamp for miles."

She chuckled and leaned back against him. "So, now's a good time to patrol."

Angelus growled. "That's how you hunt?"

"Well, it attracts them to me, and therefore, away from the innocents. After my first kill of the night I can usually clear most of the vamps from campus just by walking around. Makes my patrol a lot easier."

He growled again, louder, at the thought of anyone else getting near her like that. "I think I'll be patrolling with you a lot."

Buffy smiled and tilted her head so she could see him. "Didn't you say something about going inside?"

"I did."


"You have to stop..." Buffy bit her lip as he pressed her against the door to her room. She was trying to unlock the door, but his mouth on the back of her neck was too distracting.

"Why?" He started kissing a trail down her shoulder to his mark, sucking strongly on the raised scar. She moaned.

"I have to get the key in the lock and this isn't helping."

He responded by biting down on her scar with his human teeth. She arched into him, the key ring going limp in her hand but by some miracle not dropping. He chuckled and released her so she could get the door open. Once it was closed behind them Buffy found herself back in his arms, with his cool breath tickling her neck while he reached around to untie the strings on her shirt. He bit her scar again, and this time she cried out.


He chuckled against her skin, inhaling the scent of her perfume. "Actually, it's Angel."

"Hmmm?" Buffy's eyes were closed, and she opened them to meet his as he finally got her shirt untied, but didn't take it off. She started undoing his buttons as he talked, his hands pulling her hair clips out.

"Angelus is formal. Used when greeting other Masters, when fledglings address me, or among enemies. It's Angel for friends and lovers." He finished undoing her hair and ran his fingers through the silky strands, luxuriating in the softness. "And wives."

Buffy pulled back, shock all over her features. "Wife?"

"I said it was like a marriage, remember?" He lifted a hand and let his finger trace her temple and down her cheek.

"I just...I don't think it registered until just now."

Angelus chuckled again and then lifted her chin with one finger, slowly lowering his head until his breath tickled her lips. "I think it's time for us to stop talking. Plenty of time to talk later."

Buffy whimpered a little in reply and he smiled, his mouth still a hairsbreadth away from hers as his left hand trailed down her back lightly, stopping at the small of her back and lightly tracing soft circles.

She licked her lips and parted them, starting to breathe heavily, and he opened his mouth to flick his tongue out, tracing her lips and keeping his eyes on hers. When she closed them, he gave in and sucked her bottom lip between his, bringing his right hand up to cradle her head. The hand at the small of her back flattened, pressing her against his hard cock through their clothes.

Buffy moaned as he ran his tongue along the trapped lip, and made a little mewling sound when he bit down. He grinned against her and let up, sucked a little more and then bit again. She made the same sound and pressed against him harder. He decided to help her so his hands slid down to her thighs and raised them until she was sitting on his hips, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Slowly Angelus walked them to the bed and knelt, lowering her onto the comforter and resting his full weight on top of her. He released his bite and started nibbling on the flush of her upper lip and running the tip of his tongue between her parted teeth. She opened her mouth to him, but he didn't take the invitation, instead pulling back and placing soft kisses on the sides of her mouth and jaw.

Buffy released her hold on his waist and kicked off her slip-on heeled sandals. She pointed her feet and started running them up and down the backs of Angelus' legs while she tried to push his jacket and now unbuttoned shirt off him, but they were stopped by his bent arms.

She moaned and managed to get a word out as he teased her mouth with feather-light kisses.


Angelus chuckled and got off her, standing up.

Buffy sat up and glared at him. "I didn't mean you!"

"I know." He smiled and slipped the offending garments from his body and turned to drape them over the chair at her desk. Buffy's eyes widened at the sight of his tattoo, and she felt the heat pooling between her legs.

Angelus came back to the bed and instead of laying back down, sat on the side, catching her eyes. Not breaking eye contact, he pushed Buffy back down and pulled her untied shirt from her body, taking his time to admire her breasts, and then let his hand drift down to the side of her skirt. He held her focus as he slowly lowered the zipper, the faintest feel of his hand on her hip causing her to bite back a whimper. Then with both hands he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her skirt and panties and pulled both down her legs and off. The clothes landed on the floor next to the vampire, and he finally allowed his gaze to slowly travel down her body, drinking her in.

Buffy watched his eyes travel down her body and almost came when he met her gaze again. The only word to describe the look in them was hungry. Slowly, she watched her vampire....//*My* vampire. God, my mother's going to kill me...// slide off the bed and stand at the foot, looking down at her. He dropped to his knees and smoothed his hands up her calves. Taking a firm grip just below the knees, he pulled her until her ass was at the foot of the bed, and slung her legs over his shoulders. When Buffy realized what he was about to do her breath started coming in little gasps and she broke eye contact, dropping her head back onto the bed and arching her back.

Angelus felt her luscious legs settle on his shoulders and watched her eyes grow wide before her head fell back and her body arched. He growled at the sight, so erotic, and grinned when he realized that the sound only caused her to get wetter. He filed that information away for later as he lowered his head between the Slayer's thighs and breathed her in, feeling his face slip into it's demonic visage at her scent. Slowly and lightly, he allowed his tongue to trace her outer lips, waiting to gauge her reaction before continuing.

Buffy's hips bucked the minute she felt him tongue on her and she wriggled, trying to get closer. Angelus wrapped his arms around her legs where they met her hips and held her down before going back to his exploration. He lightly teased her swollen labia, waiting to hear what he wanted before giving in. His tongue ran circles around her opening, barely touching her before moving up and doing the same just above her clit. Buffy was moaning and trying to thrash, but Angelus kept a firm hold on her and she couldn't move.

After almost a full minute of this, Buffy couldn't take it anymore and gave in.

"Please...god, please."

"Please what? What do you want baby?" His voice was a low growl, and she had to struggle to get her voice under control. As it was, the words only came out one at a time, between pants.

"Suck. My. Clit."

"I don't take orders, only requests." Angelus lightly ran his tongue over the spot just above her clit but avoided slipping deep enough to sate her need. She moaned.

"Please....please make me come. Please."

Angelus growled again and licked a line from her ass up, ending with a light flick to her clit. Her hips tried to buck again, but he held her still.

"Stop moving." Her hips immediately stopped moving, but she made a little sobbing sound. He finally took pity on her and sucked her clit into his mouth, rolling it on his tongue, at the same time moving one hand from her hip to her entrance and slipping three fingers into her. He started mumbling around her clit, his voice coming out in a growl. It was low, but he knew her Slayer's ears could hear him.

"So wet. So sweet. Come for me, baby. Let it go. Come on, my little Slayer. Come." He was still in game face and had been careful not to nick her on his fangs, but now he deliberately sliced a little cut next to her clit and sucked the bleeding flesh into his mouth while teasing her clit with his tongue and moving his fingers in and out of her.

The minute Buffy felt his fang cut into her she lost control. Screaming, she felt her climax washing over her as her back arched up higher and her legs tensed around Angelus' head. He didn't stop sucking, and just as it started to become painful he bit down with his human teeth, cutting off the first orgasm and sending her spiraling into a second as his fingers slowed and then sped up again.

After about a minute he let go, slowing his fingers to work her down as he kissed the insides of her thighs. Buffy lay limp on the bed, her legs dangling down Angelus' back as he finally pulled his fingers out of her and gave her clit a last soft lick. He stood and undid his pants, slipping them off and letting them drop before he climbed up the bed towards her. She was suddenly wide awake as she took in the sight of his hard cock. //That cannot be a normal size. How did it even fit?// Angelus crawled up her body as a predator would, and Buffy had no doubt that she was his prey. He settled between her legs and she felt his cock nudging her thigh. Just the feel of it was enough to get her aroused again.

But he just lay there, waiting, not moving, his lips just resting against hers. Buffy lifted her head, hoping for a real kiss this time, but Angelus pulled back. This time she didn't hesitate to beg.

"Please kiss me. Fuck me. Please."

He didn't move. Buffy was almost ready to sob when she realized what he was waiting for.

"Please fuck me. I belong to you. Take me."

Angelus smiled and lowered his head, attacking her mouth. He ran his tongue over her lips, demanding entrance and when she opened for him he swept inside, claiming her, massaging her tongue with his and sucking it into his mouth. Buffy raised her knees, cradling his body and urging him to enter her, and Angelus moved so just the tip was resting against her entrance.

"Please." It was a whisper.

"Tell me you're mine." A command.

"I belong to you."


Buffy smiled against his lips. "You belong to me."

He entered her with one smooth motion and her head dropped back again, this time rolling to the side and baring his mark. Angelus sucked on it, but didn't bite, as he moved in and out of her with slow, even strokes.

Buffy arched into him again, and he moved a hand to the small of her back to support her, resting the other on her hip.

"Harder. Please, harder."

Angelus looked down at her, pulled out, and slammed back in again. She shrieked.

"Yes! God yes."

They fell into a hard rhythm. His cock thrust into her hard and fast and Buffy found herself meeting him halfway each time. She felt her orgasm coming and bared her neck again.

"Bite me. Drink." It sounded like a command, but her eyes were pleading. Angelus held her gaze for a minute, her blue orbs meeting his golden ones before he lowered his head to her neck. As she felt his fangs slid into her, she screamed and came, chanting his name.

Angelus felt her spasming around his cock, and the minute her blood hit his tongue he lost control, releasing his cool seed into her welcoming body. Buffy lay beneath him panting for a few minutes, and he slowly removed his fangs from her neck and began licking the re-opened wounds.

After a few minutes, Angelus let himself slip out of her and rolled over, bringing her with him so she lay with her head on his chest. He glanced at the clock.

"I'll have to leave in a few hours."

Buffy snuggled deeper into his chest and slipped her leg around his. "Stay with me until I fall asleep?"

He nodded and held her to him tighter. After a few minutes her breathing evened out, and she fell asleep.

Glancing down at her Angelus reflected on the strange turn of events. He knew that never had a vampire from the Master's line been bound, and it was going to cause some problems...Darla was just the tip of the iceberg. And something *would* have to be done about Darla.

But that was something to think about when he wasn't holding an armful of warm Slayer. He looked down at the blonde head nestled into his side one more time before allowing himself to fall asleep.

Life would be much more interesting from now on.

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